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                            ABOUT ME


I have taught various levels of ASL for 15 years. I have studied ASL linguistics and Deaf Studies at Portland Community College and Gallaudet University. I tutored ASL interpreter students in the Interpreter Program at Portland Community College. I worked with a professor at Portland Community College to produce several ASL videos for Interpretation program students to study ASL.

As my experience with teaching ASL developed, I privately tutored students who wanted to improve their ASL skills, either to prepare for their courses or exams or to communicate with their deaf children. I also taught ASL courses for adult hearing students at the ABC Exchange Language Center, a foreign language school in San Francisco, CA.

When I worked as paraprofessional teacher’s assistant at John O’Connell High School in San Francisco, part of my role included clarifying their lessons for the students in ASL if they could not understand their ASL interpreter. The school had a large percentage of foreign deaf students, so I also would translate PowerPoints or films with English subtitles into ASL for them. This strengthened my abilities at translating from English transcripts or scripts into ASL, especially for theater.

Along with my variety of skills related with using ASL, I enjoy working with students to help them achieve their goals. I support and increase the students’ confidence by taking time to understand individuals’ learning processes.